What is ElaSkin Liquid Bandage?

ElaSkin Liquid Bandage is a viscous polymer solution that has been approved by US FDA for uses on minor skin cuts, scrapes, abrasions and cracks.  Upon applying on skin, it rapidly forms an elastic and waterproof protective barrier that protects skin from outside dirt and microbial penetration. ElaSkin has a mild fruit odor, and may cause momentary sting on breached skin.

What is ElaSkin Liquid Bandage Made of?

ElaSkin Liquid Bandage is made of proprietary polymer developed by Aleo BME. It also contains acetate solvent and propanol. 

How Long Does It Last on Skin?

ElaSkin Liquid Bandage forms a transparent film on skin that may last 3 to 5 days.

How to Remove ElaSkin Liquid Bandage?

ElaSkin Liquid Bandage wears off naturally. You can also gently peel it off the skin or rub it off with warm water.

Contact us at support@aleobme.com for any questions.

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