ElaSkin protects your skin while you care for plants

It is a great season to spend time outdoors gardening and farming. When you are digging in the dirt, hauling compost, caring your vegetable gardens or pruning your trees, you likely have had and will have some minor skin wounds, like cuts, scrapes, bug bites, rashes, blisters. If you think using a band-aid or home-made remedies on the wounds, you gotta try ElaSkin Liquid bandage, an innovative and convenient way to seal your wounds from outside dirt and germs.


A teaspoon of soil generally contains 100 million to 1 billion of microorganism. While these microorganisms interact with plants to keep them growing and thriving, some of the microorganism may cause severe infection (e.g., tetanus, rose gardener’s diseases, etc.) if they enter through small cuts or minor scrapes. ElaSkin Liquid Bandage, cleared by the US FDA, forms a transparent protective film upon applying on skin, keeping away major pathogens up to 72 hours. 


When you work with plants or dirt, especially during wet environment, band-aid often falls off or gets messy. ElaSkin liquid bandage quickly forms a waterproof and transparent protective film on your skin within 1-2 minute after application, and the formed protective film normally stays on your skin for 1~3 days. The formed film is also elastic to conform to your skin movement, just like a second skin, allowing you to get back to your gardening/farming quicker. It is also peelable for easy removal if needed.


Let ElaSkin protect your skin while you care for plants. Try ElaSkin liquid bandage now with 30 days money-back guarantee!


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