ElaSkin® Liquid bandage v.s. Band-Aid: Why ElaSkin is a Better Way?

ElaSkin Liquid Bandage vs BandAid

If you've ever had a small cut on your fingertip or knuckle, you've had trouble keeping a band-aid on. Every time you wash your hands or get your hands wet during cooking or exercise, your band-aids get messy. You may have already searched up life hack tips on how to keep your Band-aid from falling off or tried different types of bandages. We all encounter one or more following issues when using band-aids or bandages in general:

  • Have to change a band-aid when it gets wet

Band-aids often come off during wet environment, such as cooking, washing dishes, swimming and after bathing. Even if they stay on, they tend to absorb water and become wet and uncomfortable.

  • Have trouble to keep bandages on when you need them

Bandages fall off during exercise and jogging due to frequent skin movement or friction.
Band-aids tend to fail you when you need them the most under dirty environments, such as during gardening, working in your garage, fixing your car engine or remodeling your house, et. al.

  • Can't move your knuckle freely with bandage on

Some areas, such as fingertips, between fingers, knuckles, and heels are not comfortable with bulky bandages on. Bandages also make joints or knuckles stiff and hard to do their jobs.

  • Your skin under a tight bandage looks wrinkly

Bandages tend to trap moisture. Your underneath skin may get wrinkly and even get rashes.

  • Bandages get dirty and messy after a few hours of wearing

There must be a better way... ....

ElaSkin® Liquid Bandage, approved by US FDA, introduces a convenient and better way to protect your skin from frictions and minor wounds. Brush it on anywhere on your skin and it quickly forms a transparent protective film.

No more trouble to protect your wounds or your healthy skin during wet environment!
ElaSkin® forms a transparent and water-resistant skin shield keeping water and other bodily fluids away. No need to change a bandage every time it gets wet.

Convenient to use and stays on even under dirty environments!
ElaSkin® liquid bandage is a viscous polymer solution. Once brushed on, it quickly evaporates and forms an protective film adherent to your skin. It usually stays on for 2-4 days. Whether you are cooking, gardening, exercising, working in the garage, fixing your car or upgrading your home, the protective barrier formed by ElaSkin will protect the covered areas from dirt and germs.

No tricks to keep protection on fingertips and knuckles!
It is convenient to brush Elaskin on any skin areas. The proprietary polymer in ElaSkin, validated by rigorous mechanical tests, has superior elasticity. It stretches and conforms to the movement of your skin while maintaining its mechanical strength and integrity.

No messy and unbreathable bandages!
The transparent protection barrier formed by ElaSkin Liquid Bandage has moisture vapor permeability similar to normal human skin, i.e. It is breathable to allow moisture vapor going through like what your normal skin does.

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