CRACKED SKIN ON FINGERS, HANDS, and FEET? ElaSkin Liquid Bandage Can Help.

Winter months come with a lot of fun, like winter sports, cozy sweaters, and holiday gifts. But it also comes with some obvious downside, like the flu, as well as the dry and cracked skin, especially on the fingertips or any curved skin surfaces. The continued COVID-19 pandemic may make the fight against winter cracks even more challenging this year, as frequent hand washing can not only strip your skin’s oil and moisture, the natural barrier on your skin, but it can also mess up remedies such as a bandaid, moisture cream or lotion. 

ElaSkin Liquid Bandage helps heal cracked and dry skin on fingers, hands, and feet by sealing the cracks with a durable protective barrier that stays on even in a wet environment.

Why are skin cracks during the wintertime particularly painful? A crack of skin can come from over-drying of the skin, a simple scratch, or any other trauma that happens to the skin. In the wintertime, when the temperature and humidity in air are lower, water easily evaporates from our skin. When the surfaces of a crack dry out and shrink, the crack starts to split open and exposes more skin surfaces resulting in more water loss. Without treatment, the condition will continue to deteriorate, and a small tear can lead to deeper cracks called fissures, causing much more pain.

The key to fight against winter cracks is to prevent water loss by applying a physical barrier on superficial cracks before it gets deeper. Compared with the band-aids that often fall off, and need replacement after every hand wash, ElaSkin liquid bandage forms a waterproof and transparent protective film on your skin within 1-2 minute after application. The formed protective film not only keeps the bacteria or virus from getting into the cracked skin, but also effectively reduces water loss from the cracked skin. The formed film is elastic, conforms to your movement, and normally stays on your skin for 2-3 days to provide continued protection.

Winter is coming! Keep ElaSkin liquid bandage in your medicine cabinet ready for winter cracks. Also, consider subscribing ElaSkin Blogs at the bottom of this page! Stay updated on blogs and saving.


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