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Greetings from the ElaSkin Team!
In 2020, ElaSkin liquid bandage product has been ranked as TOP 5 on Amazon. As we reflect upon our successes as a company this year, we could not have done it without you!


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No more Band-aids!

Much easier to use than band-aids! My husband had a small cut near his nail and this liquid bandage was so much easier to apply and stay in place. Great quality product and we will be buying again.


-- Amazon Customer


Fingers can bend freely with Elaskin bandage

Easy to use. Just brush it on skin cracks and it forms a thin protective layer quickly.


-- Amazon Customer


 Works great!

I get blisters when I use bandaid. So, a coworker mentioned about trying liquid bandage. I've tried other ones and they dry on hard and would crack. So, I've have this one a go and it works great. This product has a thin rubber like touch and can stretch. It'll stay on for a day or two and you'll want to reapply. Definitely would recommend!


-- Amazon Customer


Love this stuff

My hands always crack in the winter from the dryness and I use liquid bandage every time. My husband just sliced his fingers almost to the bone a week ago and it has come a long way using this even on such a deep wound. Highly recommended


-- Amazon Customer


Good product - definitely try it

I never liked 'new skin' or 'liquid bandage'. They smelled like clove oil and did not dry fast. So, I bought 'skin shield' for years, and now I cannot find it. So, I bought this product, hoping it would work like 'skin shield' and hoping it would dry fast and hoping it would smell like ethyl acetate nail polish remover and not clove oil. YES. Smells like nail polish remover, dries ok, not too fast, stays sticky for a few minutes, definitely gets in the slices and cuts and fixes them. It stings for a minute, but that's how you know it's working. It dried clean after a few minutes and feels good. The 4 star rating is because the product does not contain lidocaine, and it was difficult to know the ingredients before purchase. Also, it is kind of expensive, and the bottle will probably leak, or tip over to waste the product. That said, if you like the 'skin shield' style chemical, then this might be perfect for you. Dries clear, with no odor eventually. I am very glad to have this product. and the first use went really well.


-- Amazon Customer


It works as advertised

I had yellow under my big toe; I treated it with OTC Anti-Fungi liquid. As the weeks went by I had reddish build up under the toe nail. I would clean it out and continue to apply the Anti-Fungi liquid. Part of the toe nail lifted up; I could bend that part of the nail without feeling any pain; that part was soft and flexible; I cut it off with nail clippers; there was no pain or bleeding, there was drainage (lymph and plasma), that went on continuously for weeks; I would have to change compression bandages. That is when I decided to seal it with ElaSkin Peelable Liquid Bandage. It took a few days to arrive after buying on Amazon. I put it on two times, that created a thick coat. That slowed the drainage and as the days go by I find more applications continue to reduce the leakage!


-- Amazon Customer


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