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Holiday Giveaway
Enter to WIN
Holiday Giveaway
Get ElaSkin® to Guard Skin & Wounds
During this Winter for FREE

WIN One Liquid Bandage Pack or Limited-Edition Set by ElaSkinUSA.com!


-One Entry per Person till November 30th

Celebrate holidays with ElaSkin® Health Products. We are giving away 100 ElaSkin® liquid bandage, and its Limited-Edition Set through November, 30th !
Enter your valid email to win today. Winner will be randomly picked on the dates of 11/23 and 12/01. We will announce the winners on our Facebook page and by emails.

      i.  No Purchase Needed to Enter or Win

     ii.  Local to the United States Only


Brought to you by ElaSkin®, a top-ranked liquid bandage trusted by customers. Check our website to learn more.


This free giveaway is sponsored by Aleo BME, Inc. the manufacturer of ElaSkin® Health Products. Follow us on Facebook for timely updates.

Winner Announcement on 11/23 and 12/1

ElaSkin® Liquid Bandage

ElaSkin® Liquid bandage and Hand Sanitizer Limited- Edition Set

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